The Last of Us: Part 2 Flooded City Streets

The following is a collection of images of my work from The Last of Us: Part 2. I was the texture artist for this section in Flooded City alongside my modeler, Nestor Carpintero. The work I did consisted of texturing, creating shaders, blend work, uv’ing, as well as additional modeling and set dressing help. We took this level from early blockout stage all the way to completion. This level merges in at the end with the mall portion created by Andrew Watkins and Joakim Stigsson. The project as a whole was a team effort that involved additional sharing of props and materials that were made by many artists on the team.

Environment Artist: Nestor Carpintero
Texture artist: Peyton Varney
Lighting artist: Scott Greenway & Antoine Deschamps
Effects: Elaine Kubik & Taylor Duval
Design: Arnaldo Licea