The Last of Us: Part 2 Flooded City Boat Explore

The following is a collection of images of my work from The Last of Us: Part 2. This is an area that my modeler, Nestor Carpintero and I completed for the October 2019 story trailer and later completed for GM. The original beta pass was completed by Jonathon Ruland and Liz Reddington. The work I did consisted of texturing, creating shaders, blend work, uv’ing, as well as additional modeling and set dressing help. The project as a whole was a team effort that involved additional sharing of props and materials that were made by many artists on the team.

Environment Artist: Nestor Carpintero & Jonathon Ruland
Texture artist: Peyton Varney & Liz Reddington
Lighting artist: Scott Greenway & Bethany Lo
Effects: Elaine Kubik & Taylor Duval
Design: Arnaldo Licea